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Thread: Solar Powered Fountain - Bird bath

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    Solar Powered Fountain - Bird bath

    I decided to try this gadget since it was inexpensive. This fountain floats on the surface of your bird bath or pond and it shoots water up as a fountain. It comes with several different spray heads but I had the problem with wind blowing the spray to the side and much water loss from the bath so I just use the bubble up. I use three rocks to keep the fountain from moving around an going to the rim of the birdbath.

    It works in full sunshine and only partly works in indirect sunlight. You need to clean the birdbath weekly to keep debris from clogging the pump. That is good for the birds anyway to have fresh water.

    It is a good toy to entertain old folks! These are available on EBay or Amazon for around 12 to13 dollars.

    Here is a video clip that I made today!

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    I have got to show this to my wife. This is really cool.

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