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04-28-2012, 06:16 PM
I have rarely posted a review, but just put this up at Eagle Optics on the Lecia Ultravid HD 12X50.
I don't how anyone can go through life w/o decent binos always near. They don't have to cost a lot these days either as China is putting out some great glass. For new people, I always steer them towards the Eagle Optics "Ranger" group.

by YardCrap from SC If you are looking at these, you probably already know something about Binos. I tried a few and wanted the best I buy. I have been using these now for the last couple years, mostly sitting on my deck. I use them almost everyday. They are excellent. They are on the heavy side, so if you are not sitting down, it is a point to consider, but not a deal breaker. The color is excellent and they give a great view in low light.
I have bought maybe 5 pair of Binos from Eagle Optics over the years and recommend them on my blog and to all my friends. Their Ranger class is a great buy and I have those scattered around the house at critical windows. Here on the deck I keep these Leica Ultravid HD. I really don't think you can find better.
Keep in mind they are on the heavy side. For walking about I use the Pentax 10X33 DCF XP. On my boat I prefer the EO Ranger 10X42.

Chuck Farley
04-30-2016, 07:23 PM
AO, I just ordered these http://www.amazon.com/Steiner-575-7x50-Marine-Binocular/dp/B00008ZPGS?ie=UTF8&psc=1&redirect=true&ref_=oh_aui_detailpage_o00_s00. I hope you have a favorable opinion.

05-12-2016, 06:08 PM
AO,I hope you have a favorable opinion.

I should not repond to Chuck's post as he seldom posts even though he reads every day. The forum is dying off because no one will post. Every one just wants to read. :apathy:


Steiner makes great optics in my opinion. I had a great pair of Steiner 10X32 I used for Ball games. They were small and great. At one special game, the Bride had those and I had a pair of Rangers. The game was exciting, we won and all celebrated. She left the Steiners on the seat, never to be seen again:WTF.

You asked my opinion.:Know All:Ass Hole

I think you will be very pleased.

... but as I have posted before, prefer roof prism due to weight. Too me "close focus" is important, but not on a boat. I am a backyard birder, so those would not be my first choice. In a small Steiner, would have chosen these (well actually I did) http://www.steiner-optics.com/binoculars/xc-10x32

"Marine" binos are traditionally 7 power. The top birding binos are 8 power. The lower the power, the easier it is to focus a steady view which is essential. "Marine" is traditionally 7X due to boat movement.
On lake Hartwell in my pontoon, I always take my 10X42 Rangers and have no problems. My 12X50 Leica work better for me on the boat, but I might drop them over board and could not bear that:pirate:.
Movement is a bear. Sometimes just sitting on my floating dock, binos are hard to use to observe the the birds that wear bikinis.

I believe you will be very happy with the ones you chose. The "50" part means more light enters and that makes them better for low light conditions. I suspect they are razor sharp as to image. The 7X should make them easy to hold steady, and I know a man of your size has no problem with the weight. As they are 'Steiner', they are soild and can be droped in the lake or run over by your 4-wheeler with no problem. They will be perfect long after you are gone.

05-12-2016, 06:18 PM
I have been using the Lecia daily for years now. I suspect better options are out there depending on one's needs.
Even now on ebay, these go for over $2K.

They are very good, but only a nut would pay that unless he uses them more than say -->> his TV.


Chuck Farley
05-13-2016, 12:02 AM
AO, thanks for the input. I've received them now and like them. Yeah, they aren't high power, but for my purposes they'll do. I need a trip to the beach to check them out on the bikinis. If I take my little dog, I know she will be a babe magnet. Sorry I don't post more. You guys are smarter than me, or are selective in the copy and pasteing. As far as the high price tag on the Leica, my experience is that it's always better to bite the bullet and buy quality. If you get something substandard, you won't be happy. The quality stuff lasts forever and you reap the rewards daily as you do with your 12X50s. Sometimes, it's cheaper in the long run to buy quality (with the corresponding high price).