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07-02-2014, 06:08 PM
Frog Eggs

On a 100 scale of "left wing crap" I am a 2.
I am a guy who believes in the ability of humans to group and achive what one can not, but am a poor example as I am a hermit.
I prefer critters visiting as opposed to humans.
Birds never complain about my tune choices.

I am a humble guy cut off from civilization with just a 65" LED TV and many computers. I do the best I can, but I do have pain.

I like my critters. Today I noticed new frog eggs in one pond. I know most of my birds by names I have given them, and some of my fish. Frog eggs are in a pond I built! I know I live on a lake and the shore line has a lot of frog eggs (I move many to my yard). Still, it is a good feeling to see critters think crap I built is good enough to start a family in.

This is true over all the 1&1/2 acres I control. I would have more but land is too expensive for me to expand here. :disgust:

TnRabbit described my yard as a "jungle". I don't have a lawn and most places, people would call the law on me.:smug:

That would be wrong as I have a thousand different plants, not just simple grass. I know more about plants than all here combined and the people they pay to cut their grass. I also have a lot of critters. People say cut back the jungle and they will be gone, some shoot at them. One neighbor put out poison and it has poisoned our relationship as in "I hate him now".:tranquillity:

I don't want my critters gone. I plant and plan ways to encourage them into to my yard. Every year the habitat around us shrinks, even here.

If you think like me and need a place to start, go here:

You can certify your place:eagerness::biggrin-new::biggrin-new::biggrin-new::biggrin-new:. If you do, you can hang this silly sign which I have have used to worry my liberal neighbors with since I moved here.


This means absolutely nothing.:cool-new:

Anytime they bring it up, I go into my speech on critters. No one likes me here but 'Fenders' and he just has a second home here and seldom sees me.

Look this over. The requirements are really simple and easy to meet even if you just have a patio. I'll pay for your sign. The main thing is it gets you thinking on a better path.

Investing in critters returns a big reward. I have my dogs and my cats, and many. many others critters that also add to my life.

This could be your first small goal and more importantly, a statement for all to see.
I'm paying.