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    Math Question

    You guys are smarter than me, so ponder this:

    My Turtle Pond is about 4000 gallons which would equate to about 100 gallons per inch as it ranges from about 40-45 inches (sides are straight down, no slope) in depth. Surface area is 150sqft.

    So if we get an inch of rain, that would add about 100 gallons to the pond?
    In January we got over 10 inches, so about 1000 gallons.

    My old home had no gutters, but put them on this one. 1/4 of my roof (say 500sqft) is now being directed to this pond, so that adds at least 250 gallons per inch of rain, probably more.

    I believe this would suggest about 3500 gallons of free rain water entered my pond in January.

    As all know, the best thing for aquariums and ponds is replacing a percentage of old water with fresh on a regular basis. I don't mean topping off from dehydration, but draining old water and refilling. This reduces nitrate, etc in the water. Rainfall is one reason outdoor ponds are much easier to maintian than aquariums.

    Average monthly rainfall in my yard is around 4.5 inches, no matter the month. Some months we get more, some less. An average input of free rain water should be about 450 gallons every month. Adding the roof water adds at least another 1000.

    So roughly, is 1500+ gallons of free water a month a good guess?

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    Posted that on a Clemson Forum and --

    your math is close.

    27154 gal per acre inch water -
    43560 sq. ft per acre.

    150 sq ft is .003444 ac - so 93.51 gal per inch

    if you add the roof at 500 to now 650 sq. ft or .14922 acres - you are adding 405 gal per inch rain.
    or 1823 gal at 4.5 in per mo.

    at 43 inches - pond is holding 4021 gal.

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    Is rain water safe?
    I don't think many critters in their normal environment in the UpState are having a problem with it.

    Rain does tend to be acidic. Is it more so in places like Atlanta and Charlotte and less here in the UpState woods?

    For fun I need to start collecting rain and testing.
    I just tested my pond after 10+ January inches and it is 7.2.
    I need to test Lake Hartwell from time to time.

    I just support gold fish, tadpoles and turtles. I believe a ph range of 6+ is Ok for them, but try to stay around 7 by adding alkaline. My 50 year experience is folks with an aquarium/etc who do not keep up with ph always fail.

    Hobbies are fun, I have been successfully keeping critters in water since 1970 and have read lots of crap as to it over the years. Don't believe most things you read on the net.

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