I seem to get a type of peace from watching what goes on in my little back yard. I need this. For some reason I continue to look at Facebook and on rare occasions some dip shit I went to high school with in the dark place will post some total bullshit that I have to calm myself. Nature does that for me. My slice of that is in my yard. Deer wander in and out and while my wife will shoot one that eats her magnolia tree we love them. No ducks for a few years but lots of rabbits and birds. Birds are now landing on the post where we hang the hummingbird feeders so I will have to hang a regular feeder there for them. Squirrels get in my attic and fuck stuff up so we love the hawks who live in the area as they have helped cut down on those varmints. In the past I have liked them but they can screw up a house. I now know a few people who have lost their homes due to squirrels chewing on wires. I now have a high powered pellet gun and will start killing them if they get in my attic again. One died in my fireplace last month and I have had enough. I am occasionally tempted to buy a motor home and live in a park but that will not work.