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Thread: Dog/Cat people

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    Dog/Cat people

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    I am the only guy in a tie

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    Some folks get downright silly with their pets.
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    I always had dogs when my kids were small. I had some great dogs. I also had a cat that I got while in college and she was one of the best pets I have ever had. She did not like my wife much but loved me. She always came when I called her without fail. She was fun to play with and we would fight until my had was bloody and then I would tell her to stop and that was it. She would smell the blood and then lay on my lap or next to me.

    My wife of the past 19 years has always had cats. We have 2 now. The female is rather difficult but she is a good pet. The male is really my wife's cat and followers her around. I am the only one who can hold the female while she gets mats clipped off or nails trimmed. she would not allow anyone else to do it.

    I have had some great dogs. When I retire I might get another but it is a lot of work and you have to really want to have a dog as a constant part of your life. They need and deserve that. We travel a lot and the cats are easy to have looked after. A dog is more difficult.

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