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Thread: Skeeter Syndrome

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    Skeeter Syndrome

    Incredible skeeters live in the South.
    Near me is the famous 'Clemson Skeeter' :
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    Actually skeeters are not much problem in my yard as my garden ponds are better than anything one can buy as to keeping them in check. Like all, I sometimes still get bit as I am outside most of the day.

    What have yall discovered to be helpful?
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    Skeeters don't bother me too much. I've been taking a lot of garlic to keep my blood pressure down. It actually works to keep the blood pressure down. I'll take 2 cloves of garlic, grade down a couple of tea spoons, put in a small glass of warm water with a table spoon of honey and a table spoon of lemon juice, stir, then drink. The lemon juice & honey is only to help it go down. Not only does this lower my blood pressure, but it keeps the skeeters away from me. This not only keeps the skeeters away, but keeps people away from me also. My Bride complains that I smell like garlic. When my Bride goes outside, she will get eat up by skeeters. I've suggested that if she would take the garlic like me, the it would solve 2 problems in one. First, she would avoid being bite by skeeters. Second, she could tolerate me. Garlic is natural and it works. It's time for me to take my daily dose of it.

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    I am a magnet for skeeters. My wife and I were working in the yard today and I got bit several times and she was not bitten at all. I don't seem to have any issues with skeeters when I am out for a run. Out in my yard is a different story.

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