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    At my home the Hummingbirds seem to be near the end of nesting.
    For yall in Rio Linda, here is how it works:

    --- HBs arrive at my place 1st week of April. After the long, impossible flight from South America they are happy to see some nourishment. They soon appear on the porch less as they have come here to breed.

    --- They build tiny nests. Like many birds, their job then is to catch insects (protein) for their baby kids. It takes a lot of tiny insects to raise a baby Hummingbird, so they are very busy.

    --- Work done, they look for food to fatten up before the long, dangerous journey back to South America.
    This is when they are on our sugar water feeders most of the day.
    They buzz at each other and guard feeders (so space out many). I believe part of this battle is to toughen up the baby birds. Soon they too will have to attempt that long journey. I notice in my yard toward dark all eat with less to no battle.

    Get some fresh food in your feeders and maybe add a couple.
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    We put up two new feeders about 6 weeks ago and have no activity. I don't know why.

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