In the UpState the temps have been a little high for this early.
This has zero to do with man made global warming.
It is the El Niño and La Niña pattern that has been around for a million years.

Dec, Jan, Mar had good rainfall. We were down in Apr, and May has been worse. We don't really have a rainy or dry season here and average about 4.5 inches in any month.
Right now my yard is dry, no real rain is predicted.

Below is not my yard or from my weather station but the Corps of Engineers chart which is near the end of Hartwell Lake. It gives a good over view average of the area.

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Mators like temps in the 70's. Here when it gets into the 90's mators stop producing and crank up again in the cooler Fall temps (fried green mators).

Will this early heat wave effect our mators. Yes, but not so much the heat. The deal is more water is needed. Many will not water their mators "as often" as needed. Mators don't like lots of water/no water. They like constant moisture.

Mine are doing OK, and I already have a few tiny green ones.

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