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Thread: Tadpole Farm

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    Tadpole Farm

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    Yall gave me some good ideas and I am happy with the results. It looks not just good, but efficient.

    I have adjusted the plumbing a few times. I now have a decent small pump with flow control working a filter that is more than enough. As I need little more than aesthetics over Winter, I have it on a timer shutting down at night. That will help it not freeze in Winter. Water temp below 50 is poor at dealing with the nitrogen cycle. I'll crank it up a notch when I increase the critter load in Spring. In it are about 5 mosquito fish.

    One problem is K's coons. They can/have wreck it in one night of party.
    Not sure how to deal with that.

    A couple weeks ago bought a Electronic Pest control thing. I don't believe in those, but gave it a try.Name:  ssss.jpg
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    Until last night have had no problem since I put it on the porch. Is that due to the control or ??
    Even last night it was not much. Is this working? Stay tuned.

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    I thought of getting something like that for my attic to keep squirrels out but my wife says it will bother the cats. Game over!

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    Critters are pretty smart & clever, especially when hungry. They may study this gadget for several nights before they execute their plan. Hopefully it will work, if not go to Plan B.

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