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    Back in April my Bride gave me a high end squirrel house.
    I was surprised as generally she gives me something I have zero use for.
    Unlike many, I like and enjoy my squirrels.

    It is great as they enter from the side with a guard to protect them from Hawks and coons. Inside is a couple layers. It is nice!!

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    Until this week it has sat for months on the deck as a decoration because I had no place to mount it. Now it is sitting on top of a bird feeder.
    It needs to be on a tree, and that is a problem.

    First it must be where I can see it from my chair. For squirrels to live there it must be high, and it must be high for me to see it over the deck rail. I can't get it that high, my ladder don't reach there. I have a good tree with a house there already, but not high enough.

    This sucker is heavy. Holding it while I get an anchor screw in while balancing on my ladder is not a wise endeavor. Plus, can't get it high enough.
    That means it goes low. I have it filled with peanuts in the shell right now, but no one has noticed. I suspect this will be a squirrel feeder and not a squirrel house.

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    How high does it need to go up? I may have a ladder for the job. Can install it for you when I made a service call on the "Yardcrap Motel Birdhouse".

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    If its a feeder that needs to be cleaned as the picture shows you'd need to be able to access it wherever you place it maybe mount it to a long pole and stand it up so you can take down when you need to?

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