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    This has been a bit odd of a summer around here. It got hot and humid but we have had regular rain and everything is lush and green. We have had so many dry summers that this feels pretty good. By now we normally see leaves on the ground from the dry weather and the trees stressed out but not this year. Golden rod is already out in some areas. I think we might have a cold winter again this year.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Marty Gass View Post
    I think we might have a cold winter again this year.

    As a porch guy, cold weather gear is a hobby of mine.
    Last Winter was so mild I had little use of it.
    I hope this one is colder.
    I am the only guy in a tie

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    I think we may be due for a shit storm of a winter this year. I don't mind winter except when it comes to running. When younger and fit it didn't matter as I just ran. These days it is tougher but maybe I will be more fit and my legs will work better and it will not be as tough. I also hate that it gets dark early. Right now is about perfect. It is light out from 6:30 until around 8 and that is good. I know when it is 9pm as it is mostly dark. I get up with the sun and down with the dark.

    I have lots of good cold weather clothing. The tough part is having the right mix for when we head out west to the Rockies and it is cold in the morning but can be 75 or 80 by 3pm. I got a new ultra light back pack for clothes for hiking. I can add or remove and just tuck it in and have hands free for my hiking poles. My legs don't get cold while hiking. I have several pair of long pants with removable bottoms so I wear the pants to start out and then take off the bottoms and I am good to go.

    Sitting outside and not moving is very different. I need everything I own if I have to sit outside or stand outside for a long time.

    I ran in a 50k in the Virginia mountains back around 2006 or so and it snowed. I was ok with the weather but parts of the course were on fire roads and you had to sort of balance up on the hump in the middle as the ruts were full of rocks. I slipped so many times that I eventually pulled a groin muscle and had to drop out at 19 miles. I could not lift my left leg. I felt great and would have had a nice finish but if I had gotten into trouble between aid stations they would have had to come get me so I stopped at an aid station and drank some soup and they ran me back to the start area. It really sucked.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Marty Gass View Post
    don't get cold

    I have started Marathons below freezing. Most are AM so less wind.
    If it is 20 or 120, the best for all is to go naked (unless there is wind).
    I just needed my silk gloves.

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