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    Sounds / looks like you need a frost free yard hydrant

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    Sounds / looks like you need a frost free yard hydrant JZO&content-id=amzn1.sym.f734d1a2-0bf9-4a26-ad34-2e1b969a5a75&pf_rd_p=f734d1a2-0bf9-4a26-ad34-2e1b969a5a75&pf_rd_r=M30VMV593GMAAH1ADSVF&pd_rd_wg =e9A22&pd_rd_r=dcd5e290-3276-4518-ab0f-985cec9ee3e3&s=industrial&sp_csd=d2lkZ2V0TmFtZT1zc F9kZXRhaWw&th=1
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    I had one, but the guy that installed it just Teed off the waterline going to the cabin. Over several years usage, just the movements of using it caused it to break at the "T" fitting. I still have it, and yes, it would probably behoove me to re-install it. This is a 36 X 40 cabin that I use for a workshop, but it has a bathroom and kitchen sink, so it would be useful to have water. I will wait for a warm spring day to work on it.

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    I insulated all the pipes in my crawl space.
    We get temps in the teens rarely, but it happens - tonight is predicted to be 15, then back to Summer next week.
    I have my outdoor ponds on a timer so they cut off after dark.
    Chuck, be glad to come over and help you with the repairs.
    I am the only guy in a tie

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