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    Fish Crow

    In my NC home the big hassle was Starlings. I came up with all sorts of ways to defeat them, but they mostly won.
    In SC for 20 years, only have seen a couple. I like that!

    Often at dusk or dawn, Crows come over. They are noisy and fun. They have been zero problem at my many feeders. They do a great service keeping the lake clean. I like them!! There is zero not to like.

    I have wondered why these Crows flying over twice a day don't drop into my yard more. They like when the figs get ripe and acorn season. They love my figs, plenty there for them and me.

    There are two types of Crows, the "American" and the "Fish". We have the "Fish" -> maybe. From what I read, telling them apart is very difficult except for the call. As Crows are excellent mimics, that is what it is. These make their living all day on the huge lake, so "Fish".

    For several days one has been often dropping by. He sounds like a Mallard. He don't like me on the porch and "quacks" at me. I have decoys in the pond, maybe he is talking to them?
    Maybe he has split off to nest? I don't know.
    I know he is very big and lots of fun.

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    We have a lot of crows here in Clarkesville. They are usually in pairs. I call them "Heckle and Jeckle". They have been around here for years. They were eating a dead snake in the road last week during a morning run. No fish around town, so I guess they eat what they can find. They also hang around Zaxby's and Wendy's a lot. Maybe fast food crows. Whatever they are, they crow a lot and seem to be enjoying themselves. I see them everyday as we all have become friends.

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