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Thread: RAIN & Hartwell

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    RAIN & Hartwell

    Lots of rain lately. I am OK with that. My trees and plants love it.
    Here is the official chart for Harwell Lake:
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    My weather station rain gauge is out, but my excellent daily one shows I get more than that as I am nearer the beautiful Blue Ridge.

    Some years we get drought and some years rain. We have been above average now for 6 months.
    Lake Hartwell is considered "full pond" at 660'. The Army Corps lowers it in Winter 5' and the goal is to have it at 660' between Memorial day and Labor Day.
    That never works out. That never, ever works out. It is always feast or famine.
    All docks here float, so we go up and down, we always have enough water.
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    Sometimes it is way down and sometimes like this year and last -- > above.
    Some years the boat landings go dry, but never ever I have looked out in my 20 years here and saw less than "lots of water".
    The Tugaloo River has been flowing for thousands of years. As it passes me, it is about 60-70 ft deep, so lots of water. If the dam is blown up by the ??, the river will still flow. The water is pure and clear with no large towns or industry above me. You can drink this water as proven by the "locals" going back over a thousand years.
    Yes, the 'Deliverance' movie was shot on a river feeding in a few miles up stream. Us locals don't freak out over a little Banjo Pickin'. This is a huge tourist area for a reason, and not due to yall "pig squealing".
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    Right now we are above "full pool". If the rain keep going will I be flooded? I live on a peninsula with water all around.
    I am safe. For the lake to rise another 10', the Yonah Dam would have to break, and even that might not be enough.
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    Lake Hartwell is a huge basin, the shore line is 952 miles.
    The Lake makes electricity as the water passes Hartwell Dam, then it goes to Richard B. Russell Dam, then to J. Strom Thurmond Dam. Together they form a chain of lakes 120 miles long.
    After Thurmond, the 'Savannah River' heads to Savannah and Tybee Island and helps folks all along the way.

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    Looks peaceful and enjoyable.

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