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    I have not been a happy camper these last few days.
    In addition to the Chinese virus out there hoping to kill me, after 14 years developed a problem in one outdoor pond. I feel sure it arrived with the tadpoles I bought last month.

    A problem with fungus or disease in say my 150 gallon indoor aquarium is what it is. I have not had a problem in my aquarium for 20 years mainly because I would never add a fish not quarantined, and have a filter that goes to microns. You can't filter an outdoor pond like that.

    A problem in my 4000 gallon pond is also different from an aquarium due to the cost medication would take for that much water.


    I drained the pond down from 4ft to about a foot deep. Best and cheapest would be to add a few gallons of bleach, but I take responsibility for my critters seriously, so trying a different way first.

    I had no hope for the fish, but for the turtles don't seem to have been effected. A few of the fish seem immune. Getting fish is easier than turtles. I have been adding something called Proform-C Broad Spectrum Disease Treatment every 8 hours which is $108 for a gallon.

    Today I filled up the pond, still will be adding the medication but only once a day due to the increased volume for a few days. The pond is a rather nice dark blue (I prefer clear). Over a couple weeks I will achieve clear again. Will anything be alive?

    I also hooked in a new 40watt UV light said to be good for 6000 gallons. This thing should Zap some problems. Name:  pond.jpg
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    My pond has been healthy, endless fun, and mostly trouble free for many years. Things change. Now I need a bio hazard suit to go buy beer, and my pond needs help too.
    I am up to it --

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    I did not know one could buy tadpoles. Curious to know where these tadpoles were born/raised? Grew up around tadpoles as we had many creeks, streams, and an acre pond where I grew up. Whatever your pond problem is, I know you are up to it and get it corrected.

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    My wife had one of the UV jobs and it worked pretty well.

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    I drained my pond from 4000gal to 1000 as treating 4000 is ??
    It makes one with a 150 gallon aquarium (like me) seem silly.
    Best would be to empty and bleach, but I have 2 fish who seem unaffected. My turtles are OK. What are 2 gold fish and a few turtle worth?
    To me -- all I can do. I have responsibility.

    I got in these:
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    After a few days of "treatment" filled it back to 4000 gallons and added more WTF.

    The turtles seem unaffected as do two fish. Two fish "shined" it on. I think that says a lot as to he C-Flu. Maybe this whole post does? The other fish are R.I.P. I hate that as it is my job to ~~~
    It hurts me deeply when I ??
    Why do two fish have immunity?

    Today FedEx brought me 75 Sarasa Comets from Arkansas.
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    I put them in and again treated the 4000 gallons in case they brought in something. I noticed none were wearing masks.

    Will the "virus" or the "cure" kill?
    Unlike some, have been at this in a huge way since 1970. I am an expert not from reading but "hands on". I believe I am ahead of the curve or would not have started up again.

    Politicians have no experience and are flying blind with the C-Flu. I am in awe.

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