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    I have not been a happy camper these last few days.
    In addition to the Chinese virus out there hoping to kill me, after 14 years developed a problem in one outdoor pond. I feel sure it arrived with the tadpoles I bought last month.

    A problem with fungus or disease in say my 150 gallon indoor aquarium is what it is. I have not had a problem in my aquarium for 20 years mainly because I would never add a fish not quarantined, and have a filter that goes to microns. You can't filter an outdoor pond like that.

    A problem in my 4000 gallon pond is also different from an aquarium due to the cost medication would take for that much water.


    I drained the pond down from 4ft to about a foot deep. Best and cheapest would be to add a few gallons of bleach, but I take responsibility for my critters seriously, so trying a different way first.

    I had no hope for the fish, but for the turtles don't seem to have been effected. A few of the fish seem immune. Getting fish is easier than turtles. I have been adding something called Proform-C Broad Spectrum Disease Treatment every 8 hours which is $108 for a gallon.

    Today I filled up the pond, still will be adding the medication but only once a day due to the increased volume for a few days. The pond is a rather nice dark blue (I prefer clear). Over a couple weeks I will achieve clear again. Will anything be alive?

    I also hooked in a new 40watt UV light said to be good for 6000 gallons. This thing should Zap some problems. Name:  pond.jpg
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    My pond has been healthy, endless fun, and mostly trouble free for many years. Things change. Now I need a bio hazard suit to go buy beer, and my pond needs help too.
    I am up to it --

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    I did not know one could buy tadpoles. Curious to know where these tadpoles were born/raised? Grew up around tadpoles as we had many creeks, streams, and an acre pond where I grew up. Whatever your pond problem is, I know you are up to it and get it corrected.

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    My wife had one of the UV jobs and it worked pretty well.

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    I drained my pond from 4000gal to 1000 as treating 4000 is ??
    It makes one with a 150 gallon aquarium (like me) seem silly.
    Best would be to empty and bleach, but I have 2 fish who seem unaffected. My turtles are OK. What are 2 gold fish and a few turtle worth?
    To me -- all I can do. I have responsibility.

    I got in these:
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    After a few days of "treatment" filled it back to 4000 gallons and added more WTF.

    The turtles seem unaffected as do two fish. Two fish "shined" it on. I think that says a lot as to he C-Flu. Maybe this whole post does? The other fish are R.I.P. I hate that as it is my job to ~~~
    It hurts me deeply when I ??
    Why do two fish have immunity?

    Today FedEx brought me 75 Sarasa Comets from Arkansas.
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    I put them in and again treated the 4000 gallons in case they brought in something. I noticed none were wearing masks.

    Will the "virus" or the "cure" kill?
    Unlike some, have been at this in a huge way since 1970. I am an expert not from reading but "hands on". I believe I am ahead of the curve or would not have started up again.

    Politicians have no experience and are flying blind with the C-Flu. I am in awe.

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    My pond is crystal clear and all critters are doing great.

    Today my 8 turtles are basking. Today is kinda cold at 76. This has been a cooler Spring than normal with lots of great rain.
    My fish are active and growing fast.
    I can see 3 nice looking BullFrogs in there right now, but more are about. One is huge, fat with eggs I guess.

    My birds very rarely visit this pond, preferring the shallow ones. I have seen a Bull Frog leap trying to catch a Chicadee. Frogs eat anything they can swallow, including a smaller frog.

    On another post mentioned my back drop crashed. It was 14 years old and getting weak. It was thick with Jasmine and Ivy vines. Then rain made it extra heavy and a storm took it down.

    I have gone with metal this time. That aint as strong, but I don't think I am going with vines this time, or at least not so much. It looks kinda empty right now, but in time it will improve. I would like Clematis there, but too shady. In time I will get that area cleaned up behind and some type bed or ?? in. I am undecided.

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    Look at the small frog in the Toad house today, glad to see my money was not wasted.
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    I'm always in the dark
    Living in a pony keg and giving off sparks

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    Since they opened up the new section of the park I have seen more wild life there. There are marsh areas on one side and the creek on the other. I picked up a turtle on the path a few weeks ago and it was tiny. I put it in one of the marsh ponds so I hope it did ok. Say a box turtle last Sunday. Many snakes this year. I now wish I could have brought the little turtle home. I had 3 miles to go before my water stop at my can and didn't think to carry it. The pond is getting cleaner. We need a new section of hose to hook up the UV filter. We have bought fish and I guess they are considered dinner by whatever likes to come in the yard and eat the fish.

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