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Thread: Frogs and etc

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    Frogs and etc

    Some entertainment for my quarantined friends:

    I am on the porch as more rain falls. Rain is fun, but ---!! I am not complaining. Some of my friends live in CA where it never rains. Makes one wonder as all things need washing.
    They lack water, and we have plenty. The river on the edge of my yard has been flowing for thousands of years.

    All young boys love things like frogs and turtles. It is "built in" at birth. Most out grew the facination, I never have. Lizards and crawfish are fun. I have kept fish in a tanks continuously since 1969 (I am an expert, a real one, not like idiots on the web).
    I still get excited over a tadpole topping water on a garden pond.

    I had a nice garden pond in Matthews, but now in Oconee have no need for one as I live on a lake.
    Still, I have 4 garden water things, plus my indoor aquarium.
    Folks like to watch TV, I like to watch my yard. It is always changing. Yours is too, but it takes time to "hook in" and realize that. Most have no idea all that is going on in their yard.

    In my ponds are 8 permanent turtles. The total number varies as some others visit and move on. Turtles can find you.
    I have lots of Bull Frogs. I add tadpoles every year. Turtles have trouble escaping the big pond, but Frogs have the ability to come and go as they please. Many hop on down to the lake. Many do not.
    I have about 50 fish in the yard. I only keep fish in one pond as they do require some upkeep. Keeping fish outside is a thousand times easier than inside.

    Critters are about that want my pond guys for lunch or a late night snack. Owls, Hawks, Herons, Coons, Possums, Skunks, Snakes, Cats and ???. I have yet to see a bear here, but they are about.

    Here is a photo today of 3 turtles and a frog on an island in the "Turtle Pond". Frogs and turtles don't actually hibernate, will show any time of year if the Sun calls to them.

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    I have talked about the store bought pond in my back yard before. It is not too big and right now needs to be cleaned out and made ready for the frogs etc that wonder in and stay. Maybe the ducks will be back this year. About 10 years ago we had a rather large snapping turtle in the pond. Getting it out and taking it to the small lake around the corner was fun. Don't think my wife had ever seen one up close. When she realized that she had been sticking her hand in the pond the afternoon before she was rather surprised she didn't loose a few fingers. Now that would have made for an interesting story.

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