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Thread: Warm Day

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    Warm Day

    72 on the porch today. It is windy so I put off fishing until tomorrow as I'm getting soft.

    Here are some photos. I cut them from megabits to kilobytes to share, but they look OK.

    It is amazing anytime my old hands can hold the camera for a steady shot.

    Sure all know these, but if not - Titmouse, Pine Warbler, Ruby-crowned Kinglet, and Brown-headed Nut Hatch.

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    Name:  pine799.jpg
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    Also is a turkey and Blondie who is the reason why turkeys don't often visit me.
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    I am in Chattanooga Tennessee this week and I got to see some sun this evening. We all stopped and looked at it. Spring is not working it’s way in and I am feeling good about the coming warm weather. I am also looking forward to sunny days most of the time. Sunshine and blue skies. God bless America and fuck the Leftists.

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