Around 1958 my Scout Troop went to a CFB game at Clemson.
I was raised in a small town and this was bigger than my mind could process.
I don't know, maybe 10,000 folks had showed up back in the woods.

In 1964, arrived as a student. Then it was Clemson A&M. ROTC was mandatory. They shaved my head and gave me an M-1 rifle.
Then all freshmen were required at home games. It was pure magic!
I am not a band wagon fan. I bleed pure orange.

Back then we won and lost. (yes I believe "me" is "we").
Coach Frank Howard was the most important man in SC, and may still be. His personality for others not here is like Bobby Bowden. These guys can talk as no one can. They see through bullshit.

In 1980 a rare coach came on board and bailed to Florida for $$. No one now knows his name even in Florida. His assistant took over and "Danny Ford" is a now god in SC.
He still lives here on his ranch. I saw him not long ago at Lowes buying some lumber.
Seeing Danny Ford walk in with his battered cap and jeans can stop a geezer's heart. No one but me even recognized him.

Tigers hired Tommy Bowden. He is a solid man. He is a decent man. I was opposed wanted to resurrect Ford back from retirement. Danny and others were not on board and we got Bowden. He was different. He is why we are niow getting attention.
Bowden is a great guy. He is a good coach, but terrible on game day. Make no mistake, Bowden changed the Tigers. He was a solid Christian and brought on people like himself.
One was a kid not in coaching - Dabo.

In middle season the powers made a change - and intended to hire a big name, proven winner. Clemson has that type $$. To hold the spot did not elevate one of the two main coordinators. Dabo was chosen to be a "place holder" over the last games. That made zero sense except to the admim.

After a sad season, Dabo rallied the troops and beat USuCK 3114.
To have any clue as to that, one must have been raised in SC.
Fans went wild, and instead of a top dollar coach, we had Dabo.

Dabo was not impressive in wins, but impressive as he changed things.
He did it like no one has. He wanted not just good players, but good guys.
That extended to his coaches.
If he goes 6-6 this year, idiots will rumble, but fans would storm the gate as we are so proud of the progam he runs. In a tiny town in Upstate SC with no strip clubs for a hundred miles, Dabo finds kids who are into that. Most kids who are used to being treated as "special" will never come here. Some can't wait to get here.

I am a TIGER fan. I retired here and am minutes from the campus.