Last year the Tigers averaged 44.3 a game. The average scored on the Tigers was 13.1.
To that end, the "0" was not winning most games.

When you consider that even at the end of the year against undefeated ND and Alabama, the main Tigers were called to bench early, those stats don't tell the story. Those stats could have been much better.

This year the "D" will be less. That is certain. That does not mean they will be crap. Actually the secondary might be better. The Tiger "D" does not appear to be in distress to me.

As to the "O" -- most of those guys are back and a year older. One deal is the incredible slot receiver Hunter Renfro has left the building. In his place was to be Rogers, but an acl tear has taken him down. The "slot" at Clemson is kinda like a point guard in basketball. When in doubt, just toss him the ball. Hunter was the best, the smallest, and a walk on - now at the Oakland Raiders. He may be the smallest guy in the pros, but he will hang.

Rogers is a 5star and expected to be a huge part of the "O" just like he has been in the past. Him going down stings.

The wide receivers are both 6'4" and tested. Some experts say there are better out there, but they did go 15-0. These guys will be stronger and more experienced.
Guarding one is hard, and guarding two can be done for just seconds, so pressure is needed on the QB as given time, one of these guys will get open down field. (yes, the Tiger QB can hit him).

So back to "slot". It looks like instead of a short guy like Renfro or Rogers, Diondre Overton will slide in there. He is 6-4 with experience. He can play, came in as a 4-5 star. He has scored on everyone including Alabama. It could be said he is overkill playing slot.

To that end, the Tiger QB (who can hit a flea in flight) will have 3 experienced top quality 6'4" guys on every play to toss to. That is insane.

The Running Back situation is much less this year. One left and one transferred. Loosing those two is over looked by "experts".
There is just one RB, and one is not enough. The back up only played mop up last year. Can he step up and play as well when the game is still about? He must, but it is an unknown.

We have no experienced tight end. The tight end is most used as a blocker, but at Clemson more, think back to the tight end Leggett wearing Alabama out in that Championship. It is important for a guy to step up.

So, no slot, no tight end, and just one RB.

Can the Tigers do 44.3 points a game this season?
As the 'D' is less, they might need to.

I (AgentOrange) am not an expert, but I have seen a lot of games and a lot of teams in my life.

I believe in most games this "O" will score often. Stopping that is not possible for most teams.
Even teams with a strong "D" will have a hard day. The Tiger "O" is what the Tiger "D" was last season. To be that the Tigers of course need a strong "O" line. Those guys are ready to line up, so no problem.

If the Tiger "D" slips back from an incredible 13 points a game to something normal, the "O" can pick up the slack.

Time will tell if this is a FF team, but as a Homer, believe it will win most games.