Never too early to have fun with this.
How about this as my FF?
(it aint, but might be).

1- Georgia
2- Oklahoma
3- Clemson
4- Alabama
(it is OK to flip Georgia and Alabama).

As a primer for others, here is my thinking on the above:

-- Any undefeated Power Five team will be in. That would only be wrong if there were 5, but history shows that will not happen. Last year with ND added, there were 3 which was an aberration. Most years there is not even one. This past year Clemson went 15-0, first time that has ever been done.

-- Any one loss Conference Champ will be in.

-- A one loss Georgia or Alabama will be in even if not the Conference Champ. History shows that. I can see Alabama being out with one loss if not the Conference Champ due to schedule, but not Georgia.

-- A one loss anyone else who is not a conference champ could get it, but will need help.

-- Any 2 loss team will need a ton of help.

In my above scenario I have Georgia (or Alabama), Oklahoma, and Clemson undefeated. They are lined up due to schedule difficulty.

If (not likely) that is how it plays out, could a Big Ten or Pack 12 champ with one loss get in over a one loss Georgia or Alabama? Nope!!

Others must hope Oklahoma or Clemson stumbles. The odds of any of those 4 in my FF list stumbling is HUGE!! History shows it is certain.