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Thread: CLEMSON vs Syracuse

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    CLEMSON vs Syracuse

    CLEMSON vs Syracuse

    I like that they have elevated their program. They will be ranked pre-season and had 10 wins last year with a strong bowl win over #15 WV. I am kinda a fan and OK if they win every game not played against my Tigers.
    They were not expected to ever be competitive in the ACC, so hats off to the Coach and the players.

    Last season Tigers were a play away from going down to Syracuse. QB Chase Brice reached down deep and pulled us to victory.

    "Experts" claim we are in peril this year as we travel there. It should be a good game.
    Experts tend to be 20 year olds with no experience, and the need to write things as that is their job.

    Still ...!!!
    How dumb can they be? Apparently dumb has no limit.

    Two things are out early by "experts".
    --First, the Clemson "D" is ranked below Syracuse who is said to have the best in the ACC.
    --Second I read Clemson will be at huge disadvantage traveling there due to the dome being a hot place to play.

    First, all know the Power Rangers have left the building. All know no starters return. I am not loosing any sleep over it. All who bet against the Tiger "D" do it at their own peril. I say wait a few games before you count them out. My $$ is the Tigers will again have the best "D" in the ACC (of course I am not an "expert").

    Second, writing the heat will in the Syracuse Dome will be too much for the Tigers is completely absurd. I am guessing the experts and fans their have never spent a Summer in SC. As I write this here on my dock in the SUN, Tigers are in helmets and uniforms working hard in the Summer Sun.
    They have been working out in it all Summer. The DOME will seem kinda cool to them.
    I hate when early on we play Southern teams as this is the time to play Yanks here. Unfortunately we start with GT and A&M, so no advantage for anyone there.

    Any of yall disagree so far with my "homer" thinking?
    Go ask Alice, I think she'll know

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    "Homer" thinking seems more logical than "20 year old's" with no experience". Clemson will have advantage of heat. Clemson is deeper than being credited for. Clemson has Trevor, one of the best, if not the best QB. Clemson has a coaching staff that will bring out the best in any man and more. If Syracuse listens to the "20 year old experts" they will not have a chance. I predict Clemson with a "W" at the end of this game.

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