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    Football FUN
    This is a slow time, but quickly heating up.
    Us fans look for anything to have fun with.

    The main SEC booster paid by ESPN -> 'Finebaum' made news by again being stupid.

    An Alabama player said the best team they played was Georgia and not Clemson.

    A Clemson player in return said the best team they played was Notre Dame not Alabama.

    Finebaum -->
    "I'm not in the business of criticizing college players, but that is easily one of the stupidest comments I have ever heard," Finebaum said. "Alabama was a phenomenal football team last year. Notre Dame was good, but they were not as good as Alabama. Alabama would've destroyed Notre Dame, and what you get there in John Simpson's comments is just the pettiness of a program"

    The truth is maybe teams like Georgia or Vanderbilt would have destroyed Clemson, but unlikely.
    The facts the asshole omits are:

    Clemson vs undefeated ND was 31-3.
    Clemson vs undefeated Alabama was 44-16.

    The Alabama win could have been greater separation if Dabo had not early on called the Power Rangers to the bench to begin celebrations. Every player from Clemson played plus a few gator aide girls (in order to hold down the embarrassing ass whooping).

    The ND defense was much better. Their offense was as good as Alabama.
    Stats don't lie.

    The deal that Finebaum and Alabama fans refuse to admit was they got their ass kicked.
    It happens.
    The Clemson 2018 team was legendary with the Power Rangers.

    Those guys are gone, this is a new season with different players.
    Alabama and Notre Dame may win all their games and Clemson none.

    The 2018 team was legendary and ranks with the best ever. Clearly after they jelled, no team could take the field with them.
    Why can't Finebaum and Saban admit that?
    Go ask Alice, I think she'll know

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    Finebaum has become famous for saying dumb things. And what about his ears?? We shouldn't make fun of his looks but.....? I saw this on TNet. When Alabama was crushed by Clemson Finebaum said..."I couldn't believe my Eyes" Spell check...He should of said I couldn't believe my Ears!"

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    I normally get a bit excited when college football starts as my wife loves to watch Auburn and will keep interested through most of the season even when they keep having a bad season. I have no skin in the game. I enjoy listening and reading all of the friendly trash talk as it keeps it fun as until you run into one of those people who would piss off the Pope with their trash talk. I pay no attention as to players on any team. There are lots of great players out there and a great coach can make a great TEAM. I am sure this will be a fun time over the next several months. Enjoy it guys.

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