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Thread: Butterflies are free

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    Butterflies are free

    On the way to town got to hear some guys on radio talking as to how a play here and there might have changed the future. I guess they mean like the "butterfly effect".

    One was Rogers makes the catch against BC, Tigers win the division, and Bowden remains the coach. That means Dabo never gets the job, and Alabama gets two extra National Championships.

    Last year the GA fake punt and the year before in overtime. Due to maybe two plays against Alabama, Georgia lost on maybe 2 National championships.
    The fake punt was crap. A GA win would have moved Clemson to #1 against #4 Alabama and Georgia against Notre Dame.

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    Should have, would have, could have, but didn't happen and the future was not changed. Georgia lost out two years in a row on two gut retching heart breaking plays. Just hope those plays made us stronger and better prepared. A few years ago, Auburn beat Ga on a last play that was hard to take. We thought we had that game in the bag. I believe it was a former Ga player that transferred to Auburn that beat us. Georgia has the team this year. We just have to get all the stars (lunar) lined up to go all the way.

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