The two school have met 5 times and they hold the edge 3-2.
Last year the score was 28-26 with the game ending in the end zone where Clemson picked off a pass.

New QB Kellen Mond had a great day with 430 yards, doing mostly as he pleased.

Freshman Trevor Lawrence got to play. The ESPN take away:
"Trevor Lawrence has a lot of raw talent and impressive arm strength, but the 18-year-old might not be quite ready to lead this team."
He was 5/9 for 93 yards.

Travis Etienne was the Tiger lead rusher at just 44 yards.

In most stats T A&M was better. The Tigers never quit playing and took the game on the last play.


How will it go this year?

-- Texas A&M had a new coach who has now had a year to teach and adjust. Fisher is certainly one of the all time best. Maybe he is the best.
-- QB Mond is now an experienced player.
-- Texas A&M expects not just to beat Clemson, but to take the SEC division title over Alabama. They expect that. This is a confident team.

The deal last season was take out the QB and the great Clemson line held them to just 38 yards rushing. The Power Rangers have now left the building. It seems likely that the A&M offense numbers will rise.

That means Clemson will need more than 28 points.