The guy lays out criteria for his picks and writes a good article.
One obvious problem is "Experience matters more than potential". Last year Lawrence upset that idea.

One big deal not mentioned is the surrounding cast. A solid "O" line and some guys who can catch the balls many would fumble are a plus. To that end, his top tier is set up to succeed. I can see any of those with a Heisman.

I would have Lawrence at one and Fromm at two. I don't see Lawrence or Tagovailoa being called on to run as often this year. Fromm is very good and has a solid team behind him, I pick them over Alabama this year.

Some others have Heisman potential. Mond, Book, and Patterson will have every opportunity to showcase. They will be better this year and were not shabby last season.

I see it as funny he has Hurts in Tier 5. The guy is a winner. He will have a great cast around him. Not having him in Tier one is - funny.

I'll be pulling for Hunter Johnson to exceed. Bryant is on a bad team.