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Thread: tiger recruiting

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    tiger recruiting

    tiger recruiting

    best ever class - gonna kill this year, right Bill?

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    I am glad you use so few words as it leaves most of them for me.
    Melvin, the class of 2020 is becoming a dream class - on paper.
    Unfortunately these guys will not be on campus for this season and most won't see much action the first year they arrive. None will play in 2019 as they will be still playing in high school. Some will get action in 2020, but I doubt any will start. To that end, these guys will not be counted on until 2021.

    Clemson has been doing great by finding kids who are not high school stars but have potential. After a few years here, many become stars. A good example is some are talking Heisman votes for ETN and he was 3 star. Gallman was 3 star and won us a Natty. In the 2020 class is a 3star and a 5star running back. Which will be best in 3 years when it counts? Looking at the past, believe both will be in top form.

    I just read OHS is changing. Coach Meyer was not into low star kids and obviously that has worked well for him. The new coach is different and already offered some he believes can be coached up that Meyer had already refused.

    Players are more important than coaches, so all teams want the best. "The BEST" can be hard to figure. The Tiger coaches have an excellent track record of finding kids who fit here as most do not. They are very slow to offer, so an offer is special even for kids not coming here.

    Clemson has never had even a top ten class, so history shows that is not the most important thing. If like some schools, Tigers had been in the top 5 the last years raking in lots of stars, would they have been to more Final Fours or won more Natties? Maybe, but maybe not. Will better talent (as to star rankings) improve the Tiger record? Hell no. Will Clemson or any team go 15-0 again - unlikely. Will Clemson or any team win a Natty - unlikely.

    The only constant is Coach Dabo puts out a team all can be proud of, and as a plus - wins more than he looses. To expect 10 wins is too much, but Dabo has been doing that. That is elite.
    His fan support and the $$ generated from that is off the chart.

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