Most of us pull for the service academies. They kinda represent us all, even though we could say similar as to colleges like The Citadel.

Apparently a rabid Army fan moved in across the road this month. I like that, and hope to get to know him.

Most teams would like to play the Army as it means a sold out stadium. Clemson is always sold out, but having Army here would be special. Clemson has never beaten Army, so my neighbor has bragging rights. The only meeting was 1937. I find that odd as in my day Clemson University was Clemson A&M. When I arrived, they shaved my head, gave me an M-1 rifle and a uniform. ROTC was mandatory. Back before my day Clemson was all military.

ARMY did poor for a long time, but under Coach Monken are killing it. 8-5, 10-3, 11-2 is getting it done. They run the option, and I am not a fan of that. I am familiar with it as we play GT every year. Paul Johnson was a teacher for Monken.

How is 2019 looking for Army?
The team is solid, better than last year.
Their schedule is ranked 90th. Vegas will have then the favorite in every game except @Michigan. If they beat Michigan (not off the table) they can be 13-0.