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Thread: Tiger Recruiting and USuCk

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    Tiger Recruiting and USuCk

    I hate to say this, but Dabo is helping USuCk recruit.
    For 2020 14 players are on board and just 1 from SC.
    In the day the Tigers fought the shamecocks for SC guys, and most times USuCk won.

    Bowden expanded the net, bring in Bowers, Davis, Spiller, Crosby.
    Dabo expanded and in 2011 Sammy Watkins and Tony Steward made it official that going to Clemson was a good deal.

    How has Dabo done? I looked it up.

    2009: No. 36 nationally, (13 enrollees)
    2010: No. 27 nationally, (20 enrollees)
    2011: No. 10 nationally, (28 enrollees)
    2012: No. 20 nationally, (15 enrollees)
    2013: No. 15 nationally, (22 enrollees)
    2014: No. 16 nationally, (19 enrollees)
    2015: No. 9 nationally, (24 enrollees)
    2016: No. 11 nationally (21 enrollees)
    2017: No. 16 nationally (14 enrollees)
    2018: No. 7 nationally (17 enrollees)
    2019: No. 10 nationally (29 enrollees)

    That is impressive for us long time fans.
    That is not the list of teams who "expect" to be top ten every year on the field and play for Championships. Clemson fans like me wished for, but did not "expect" to win 10 games, much less be in the hunt for Championships.
    Dabo has excelled with less money and with lower rated (but better) players. He finds the right kids and coaches them up.

    247 rankings are good, but more accurate is to consider the average player rating. For example in 2019 Tigers were #10, but took 29, so the average player rating was less than in some recent years. Make no mistake, the 2019 Class is excellent!

    The bottom line is Clemson is landing higher rated players from a wider area.
    Look again above and see of the 14 this year, so far only 1 is from SC. 10 states are represented, all the way to Texas and California.

    South Carolina has great players, but historically not as many as more populated states like Georgia and Florida (due to mostly smaller high school programs?). In the past most chose Clemson or USuCk. These days most end up in Columbia as Clemson can only take so many players, and the Tiger net is over a wider area (all the USA).

    Back when there were less rules, Bear Bryant gave everyone a scholarship just so other schools could not get them. Now the limit is 85. Ever year Clemson gets great "walk ons" as Dabo encourages that. They get great coaching, and most have great years at Clemson -- and some make it to the NFL.

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    One for Tony and Mike:

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    Thank you for that vote of confidence!

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    How much does recruiting count?
    The deal is to "WIN".

    The code to "WIN" keeps changing over the years.

    Recruiting is the bull in the room, but Dabo has proven other things matter.
    Clemson has less money, never makes top 30 there. Clemson is a small campus back in the woods whose night life can't approach Miami, Athens, Columbia as there is none. Kids who see themselves as stars don't come here. That is not to say they are not great kids, who play at the top level, just that Clemson is a poor fit for most.

    The deal no one could anticipate before Dabo was there are some good players who prefer this lifestyle over a strip club atmosphere. Those guys come in and work hard guided by the best coaches in the USA. Clemson coaches are the proven best.

    Anyone who does not appreciate what Dabo has brought to the UpState has an agenda against core values. All schools shout or pretend that. Some do have it, and Clemson is now leads the list.
    Why are kids picking Clemson? They are all teens still trying to understand. The deal is their MOM visits and decides "her" boy is coming here.
    MOMs are making Clemson Football "GREAT".

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