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Thread: CLEMSON vs GA Tech

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    CLEMSON vs GA Tech

    For too many years GT has "pretended" to be less able due to resources and so forced to run the option and chop block and all that crap. That is of course crap.

    In fact GT gets lots of cash from their slot in the ACC, from alumni, and they are in downtown Atlanta. If they choose, they could compete with any one. The secret fact is they do.
    They have won the SEC Championship 5 times and the ACC Championship 3 times.
    I traveled to Florida when they won it in 2009, and have been to many games in Atlanta. I like to go there. A team in downtown Atlanta can compete with anyone - if they choose to do that.

    The Atlanta area is "super rich" in talent. Now that GT is going main stream, attracting talent will be easy.
    As recently as 2014 and and 2016, GT beat Georgia.
    GT beat Clemson in 2011 and 2014.

    Recently in Bowls crushed Kentucky in 2016 and Miss State in 2014, USC (the real one) in 2012.

    They like to pretend they are underdogs, but they are not that.
    Now they have decided to play main stream ball, so players who once avoided them will arrive.
    Can they win right away with a new coach and a new system?
    The media will say no, but I suspect Vegas will disagree.

    My guess is they will loose their first game as a new team as they travel to Death Valley.
    My guess is they will loose their last game at Georgia.
    The ten games in between are a mystery. I guess they could go 0-10 or 10-0.

    They have talent. They have size and they have speed. One huge deal is the "O" line must play very different. Before they played on toes attacking (chop blocking). Now they will have to be back on their heels to protect. I suspect the QB will often be running for his life.
    Their "D" should again be solid. Can they score some points? In the past their goal was to keep the ball all game and never pass. They were very good at that, often leading the nation in rushing.
    Now they intend to throw more. I suspect they will not be balanced this season, but in transition to that.

    I'll say Clemson wins this game.

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    we going to kill them

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