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    A CBS writer had nothing better to do these days in off season than to rank the coaches. During off season, all things to read can be fun.

    His top:
    1 Nick Saban 237-63-1
    2 Dabo Swinney 116-30
    3 Jimbo Fisher 92-27
    4 Lincoln Riley 24-4
    5 Kirby Smart 32-10

    I might vary on that as Riley is too new, and took over a top team from Stoops.
    Smart is new, but has done an impressive job in recruiting. This is his team.

    I think newly retired coaches Meyer and Stoops would make the list if still active.
    Brian Kelly is 253-91-2 and was in the FF last season.
    Ed Orgeron is 41-36, but has LSU ready to make a run.
    Missing is the most media famous coach - Harbaugh.

    Saban is the man. He is the best. It is conceivable for the coaches (all much younger) on the list to over take him, but I will take that bet and give odds. Any guy who can stop folks missing Bear Bryant at Alabama is --> the best.

    Swinney is doing great. He is winning. His recruiting has been well below others, so maybe his coaching is better? I would say his recruiting is OK. He does not offer underclass. Kids with a dozen elite offers end up hoping for one from Dabo when they age some just to "Twitter" that. Not many get that offer as while many are excellent players, they don't fit best at Clemson.

    Fisher is crafty. In the past he has proven he will do anything to win. He has all the resources at A&M, and to discount him is folly. Players will arrive. He will win. He needs different players and is winning with those there. Some will have them top ten this season because they will not loose due to being out coached.

    Smart has brought in the best of the best. Now he is expected to win. This year is no LSU and no Alabama. Anything less than 12-0 would be a disappointment. Georgia fans expect to win. It is very difficult to see that not being the case this year and years ahead.

    Some might argue a coach with "less" who does a good job should make the list.
    Some do make this guys list like Clawson and Cutcliffe, just farther down.
    Years ago I saw a list of where it was possible to win a National Championship. All listed were Blue Blood schools with $$$. Clemson was not on it.

    Dabo has shattered that. Duke and Wake are more $$$$ and etc in every way than Clemson. No coach has been able to come in there or many places and excite the fan base. Dabo took over a loosing team in the middle of a season as interim coach (until they could hire a real one) and convinced the alumni to fork over money. Unlike every coach on that list, he started with nothing. If he can do that back here in the woods, why can't others? Many schools have great resources and facilities (like SC, PS,TN, UNC, Mich, USC, Tex, endless list) and can't quite get there. I think it shows how much a great head coach is worth and how rare they are.

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    To determine the best coach, maybe some other factors should be considered besides win/loss ratio. Factor in graduation percentage, grades, jail time or lack of, success of players after college in their lives. My 9th grade football coach was my best coach. He instilled things in me that had a profound influence in my life. It was not the size of the Tiger in the fight, but the size of the fight inside the Tiger. I was a small Tiger at 120 lbs my Senior year (158 lbs now). A great coach can instill a fight inside you that will last a life time. Don't sell yourself short and sell out. Do the right thing and you will always be rich, maybe not in a $$$$ way, but rich inside.

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