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    Not NFL

    These new football leagues may make a dent, don't know.
    I believe they hope to be a development league for the NFL as well as exciting football. I hope they make it. I believe they will need some NFL funding. A minor league team would be great for an NFL team, just like in baseball.

    Baseball has the minors which do quite well. Many kids skip college for that. I am not opposed to a kid going to these new football leagues instead of college. College is not for all, and I am OK with more choices.

    Kids can't leave college football for the NFL until they are Juniors. I like that, and 100% approve, but see it as crap. A kid can go from high school to the NBA or the MBA or even the WWE.

    These new football leagues could be good for a few kids. They could give a second look to guys who did not make an NFL roster after college but can play at a high level. Think guys like Manziel or Flutie. The MVP of a National Championship was Ben Boulware (my hero). He did not make the NFL cut.

    I hope these leagues do well. If I can ever discover how to watch some games, will.
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    It is not looking good for the AAF according to reports.

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