It was a great for a fan like me. I really needed a boost.
Keep in mind they really only played for a half all out.
The established stars did not go all crazy.

I most wanted to see if the new receivers would be up to helping out this year.
The answer is "hell yeah!".

Ladson had five catches for 102 yards, including a 42-yard reception. Ngata had five catches for 127 yards, including a 70-yard reception.
These two will be backing up Higgins and Ross. I believe they will be up to the task and will play a lot this season. By the end of season, it may be hard to tell who made the play between these four with out looking at the jersey number.
I just don't see how defenses will stand up over a game as these 4 switch in and out and remain fresh.

Backup QB Brice was the MVP of the day. As I often say, he is too good. Hopefully Lawrence will not get banged up this season, but if so, in no way will that mean the Tigers will be expected to be less. The game plan will be identical. The guy can do it all. Brice may leave Clemson not ever being a starter, but he will play in the NFL, hell he could do that now.

As I have often said, The tigers went 15-0 (no one has before) because of the Defense.
The Power Rangers made maybe their last public appearance at the Spring Game. These guys went 55-4. They were in all the Final Fours, they won 2 National Championships and 4 ACC Championships.
For four years they have roomed together and been family on and off the field. History and statistics shows them to be the best ever D Line "ever"in College football. Any team would take a step back loosing all these fun guys at one time.
On top of that, no group has had more fun with each other.
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Take 30 secs and watch the 'Power Rangers' line up one last time.