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    Tree Swallows are back for the season. I saw a couple of them today darting all around the field and they will be competing with the Bluebirds for housing.

    Cardinals are suddenly getting territorial. Saw two males sparring today.

    Bluebirds are getting active and checking out the bluebird houses.

    The Redwing blackbirds had become a recent problem around my feeders. I like these birds but not when flocks of 100 or more dominate the area. They have now paired off I think because they have quit flocking.

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    Yes, Tree Swallows showed here last week. They live around the dock and feed on bugs flying over the water. They are endless entertainment. For many years Bluebirds lived in the dock houses raising 3 broods a year. The Swallows lived under the dock. Last year they took over the Bluebird house. I hate that, but?

    I have Bluebirds, but seldom off the porch. They prefer open areas.

    I see a couple Redwing Blackbirds at my pond a few times a year. Not any problem at all as they are seldom and just a couple.

    I have a Wren already sitting on the nest.

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