Of course it is not too early to go there.

History shows the 2018 "O" line turned out to be awesome. In the Final Four, the great "D" of undefeated Notre Dame and Alabama were held at bay.
For 2019, Clemson has all seniors and one soph on the "O" line. I believe in my heart they will be able to get the job done.

2020 is too far off, but would suspect a drop off for the "O" line loosing so many seniors.
Yesterday Clemson signed the 5th 4 star OL player. That would indicate that for 2021 we should be OK. Maybe some of these guys will be needed in 2020?

Who would not want to come in and play with these 2020 monsters guarding you and opening up holes? We would like to get in a top running back, don't know of one yet, but Georgia can sign them all.
Two guys I do know of are the #1 player for 2020 who is a QB from California and the #1 wide receiver who is from Pa. I guess there is little chance of getting those guys to travel from those far away places to way back in the woods to little ole Clemson. That is not reality.
*******I predict both will decide to play with this incredible "O" line.*******