I have better but these are a few snaps today of one guy:

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This is said to be the most abundant Sparrow in North America.
I get a couple to a few each Winter. If so abundant, would think I would get many, but nope, just a few. They live around 11 years, so maybe I just get a visit from the same family.

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"These birds forage on the ground, in shrubs or in very shallow water." Mine hang out around the frog pond and no matter how cold, like to splash around in my branch. They dig around in the leaf clutter for bugs and spilled feeder seeds. Sometimes they hit the feeders, but not often. They are ground birds. They tend to migrate here with my White-throats and Juncos who have the same eating habits and styles. All kinda jump and rake back leaves.
Quick identification is the black spot on the chest.

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In Summer don't see sparrows much, occasionally the Field Sparrow who begins to show before the Chipping Sparrows migrate away. Maybe because Winter seeds are becoming less? The Field Sparrow might show on any day of the year, but not daily or weekly.
In Winter the main ones here are the Chipping Sparrow in large numbers and several White-throated.
During migrations, I get to see some others.

Maybe odd is that a House Sparrow is rare here. I go a few miles to Lowes and they are inside at the feed. In my old home in Matthews had them nesting, but here - rare.

Too bad I don't have Song Sparrows all year, but ??