Birds I see Everyday

Seasons change things.
Late January is a great time to be a bird watcher.
Here are some I see everyday all year from my yard, not most days, but everyday:

- Chickadee
- Titmouse
- Carolina Wren
- Gold Finch
- House Finch
- Purple Finch
- Blue Jay
- White-breasted Nut Hatch
- Downy Woodpecker
- Red-bellied Woodpecker
- Fishing Crow
- Cardinal
- Brown-headed Nuthatch
- Dove

These Winter days, everyday I also see:
- Red-breasted Nuthatch
- Ruby Kinglet
- Pine Warbler
- Chipping Sparrow
- White-throated Sparrow
- Song Sparrow
- Pine Siskin
- Yellow-bellied Sapsucker

I am sure I missed naming some, but that is a lot.
Others may appear or not, but the above are here all day.

Also likely to be seen are:
- Pileated Woodpecker
- Mockingbird
- Hermit Thrush
- Robin
- Cedar Waxwing
- different lake birds
- Red-headed Vulture
- Black-headed Vulture
- Screech Owl
- Golden Flicker
- Golden Kinglet
- Field Sparrow

In addition to the regulars, anybody might drop by including Eagles. Life on the porch is exciting. My list is over 120 with photos.

Spend an hour on my porch and seeing 20+ different birds is 100%, and at all times there are a hundred birds here, not a dozen, a hundred. It can get kinda like that Alfred Hitchcock movie.