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Thread: All Sports is Bull Crap...

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    All Sports is Bull Crap...

    Most likely BOTH SB teams are the reverse of who should be going...but what the fuck.

    Obviously the ref's were told to get L.A. into the SB to bolster them and help pay for the multi-billion dollar new stadium in L.A. that the current fan base there for the Rams simply cannot justify nor support. A SB win could reverse that. When EVERYONE agrees that the pass interference call was missed and that it would have cemented a Saint's win, well you know something funny going on there! (Not to mention that no review of this call was allowed as this would have clearly proved that the receiver was body checked to the ground by the defender BEFORE the ball got to him. One official lied and stated that he "thought" he saw the ball tipped before this, but replay did not support his phony justification for his obviously bad call).

    As for the Pats's win (and the subsequent re-glorification of Brady as a FB god), no one seems to want to point to the fact that but for a stupid ass Chief's lineman lining up in the neutral zone (miles from the play...and not the more common jumping off sides; lining up in the neutral zone is a very rare mistake), which the penalty for this infraction nullified Brady's THIRD interception of the game that with less than a minute to play would have allowed the Chief's to kneel out the clock and deny the Pat's any chance of tying the game and sending it into O.T. (that they subsequently prevailed without K.C. even touching the ball again..). Had that lineman simply lined up properly as he had done all season, the by-line on this game would have been: "Brady throws THREE interceptions in loss to K.C. and is clearly too old to play at anything close to the level that he once did. He's expected to announce his retirement later today", etc., etc.

    So all big time sports is pretty much BS and hype. But that's what sells tickets to the rubes, so it will continue!
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    I have not watched any "regular" sports for a few months. As I said before, I am watching winter sports now. I mostly watch the women as they seem to have a more kill or be killed attitude.Many are also "hot". I would like to try to cross country ski some day. I just watched the women's super G and the /slolom and they were great. I have the 12.5k mass start biathlon taped to watch next.

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