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Thread: perfect backyard bird

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    perfect backyard bird

    I have 7 male Cardinals here as I type. Females are about the same. I would guess have about 20 Cardinals living around my home. I always have lots.
    They eat all seeds and over the years have grown to like my peanut butter mix. They also like chopped peanuts. Thinking on it, guess they eat everything. Maybe that is why they prosper so well?

    They are the first birds at my bed room window feeder and the last to show at my feeders in the evening.

    In Spring they fight over mates and territory. Some nest in my Leyland Cypress, and all sleep in those or the Pyracanter.
    They are beautiful, noisy, tame - just a perfect backyard bird.

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    I agree with you about the Cardinals! There seems to be a population explosion of them and we enjoy watching them in Toccoa and in Clayton the same way. They are also popular photography subjects especially if we get snow. Every Spring we get a Cardinal nest in our breezeway in some Nandina bushes. When I started making the peanut butter/cornmeal suet, Cardinals became the best customers and it does not last many days before I have to refill the feeder.

    This is a photo taken thru our front window.

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    This does it. I am buying more feeders. I have not seen a cardinal since it got cold. I need to put out more food. I have seen some big blue herons at the park on Sundays. We have a few big birds living there in volume now. White egrets seem to be nesting there. We found the tree areas last spring where they had nests. Last Sunday the blue heron must have been at least 3 feet tall.

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