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Thread: Too Early 2019 Polls

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    Too Early 2019 Polls

    Most polls are just fan fun, I like those.
    The real one (Coach's) I hate as it has influence and should not come out until October.
    A good example would be Alabama and Clemson put at the top last season before they earned anything. Once placed high in the polls, teams are hard to dislodge.

    I believe teams should start the year lined up as they finished the year. I know teams change, but that was earned, and all other is speculation and crystal ball crap. Every year the early Polls are shown to be full of crap, and it takes until November to shake that crap out.

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    Off the top of my head, thinking on some teams that will be less or more next season -> maybe.

    Going from the final Coaches poll:

    Clemson - less
    Alabama - more
    Ohio State - less
    Oklahoma - less
    Notre Dame - more
    Florida - more
    LSU - more
    Georgia - more
    Texas - more

    Expert predictions will take in to account schedules which I did not.

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    Sports Illustrated is out:

    Ohio State
    Notre Dame
    Texas A&M

    Clemson has earned the right to be #1 until they loose, but even as a super-fan, have some reality about me.
    The entire starting line needs to be replaced, and the top two from the secondary. No college can take this blow and not take a step back. These guys are not just graduation losses, but will be early NFL picks. The top two from the "O" line including multi-All American Hyatt -> gone.
    No team, even Alabama, just reloads guys like these.

    Alabama will be improved as their losses can be replaced. The team will be older, stronger, and more hungry as they lost one game last season.

    Georgia will be better in every area. Their great QB will only be better, their great running game will be better which is hard to fathom. They are rock solid at every position with freshmen arriving who could earn playing time.

    Ohio State might be down. The excellent QB is gone replaced by a 5star Georgia transfer. The rules say he must set out a year, but lawyers claim he was forced to leave Georgia because of the racism there. This huge athelete was afraid? OHS needs this guy to be top ten.

    Oklahoma Hired a "D" coach. They have a good "O", but will loose the Heisman QB. They need some "D".

    Michigan - what the hell are they doing here? It is the yearly deal where Blue Bloods stink up early polls before they earn squat.

    Texas, like ND should have been ranked higher in the final polls. This is a team on the rise.

    Florida is getting better, but are they now top ten?

    Oregon is -- no one cares which Pac 12 team is thrown in here.

    Texas A&M is back. They lack talent, but freshmen are arriving. Their schedule is tough, but this is a team to fear.

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