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Thread: Gamecock Popularity Decline

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    Smile Gamecock Popularity Decline

    This is a sign of the times for USC.


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    USuCk started the season predicted by media to make some noise, but it turned out to just be a wet fart as they shit themselves -> again.

    They hired Will Muschamp to take them to glory. If you consider Spurrior and Holtz could not, why go with this guy? He was a bust at Florida. At USuCk he has gone 22-17 with the 22 mostly wins over non-power five. He finished this year in a blow out loss to Virginia.
    I have zero faith in the guy.

    I have to say the fans are better than most. They leave at half time, but staying would be tough. They give money. They just opened a $50 million state of the art thing. They get good players, but the "chicken curse" hangs over the program. They like to call themselves "cocks", how funny is that?

    New coaches are coming in as some were fired and some bailed.
    To make things worse, they have apparently ceded the acronym “USC” to a school in Southern California. After more than a 100 years, now even loosing their name. Instead of USC, they are going to be UofSC because that sounds so cool. I'll just keep calling them USuCk until they don't.

    2019 schedule:
    - UNC -- surely they can win this game as UNC is in completer disarray.
    - Charleston Southern -- ho hum
    - Alabama --blow out LOSS
    - Missouri -- LOSS
    - Kentucky -- blow out LOSS
    - Georgia -- blow out LOSS
    - Florida -- blow out LOSS
    - Tennessee -- LOSS
    - Vanderbilt -- ho hum win
    - Appalachian State -- close win
    - Texas A&M -- blow out LOSS
    - Clemson -- blowout LOSS

    Expert newspaper guy Josh Kendall claims the "cocks" go 9-3.
    I say it looks more like 3-9. Even give them 3 (can you find 3 more?), and it is another crap 6-6 season.

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    I think 2-10. Vandy will beat them.

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