I have really enjoyed many games so far, and it ain't close to over.
I am glad I don't bet actual money as I have been often surprised.
In some I lost interest early.
I mostly tape the games, so a four hour game is about an hour without the commercials.
Below are comments on a few I saw.

I did not see Ga Southern beating Eastern Michigan, and it was a very interesting game. GS only passed 7 times for 33 yards. They played with muscle and won.

Without QB Hartman, I did not expect Wake to beat Memphis. Wake QB Newman passed for 328 yards and ran for 91. I would expect the starting job for next season to now be wide open.
This was another game hard fought to the last snap.

Army ran all over Houston who has now fired their coach. They plied up 507 rushing yards.

Duke had an easy day with Temple. Duke went in down at the half, adjusted and Temple did not score again. 56-27.
Duke QB Jones had another great day. Announcers say this upped his NFL draft stock, but I would like to see him return.
The Duke coach is one of the best in the game today. He has so far rejected offers. Miami should go all out and try to lure him.

No one thought Syracuse would beat WV, but then the WV QB decided not to play in the game. I can't say it would have made the difference as they still racked up 277 yards.
I understand players not risking injury for a Bowl game, but am not a fan of that or those players. Leaving your teammates who have fought with you all season is not something I would consider. Maybe the contract they signed for years of free education and the coaching they recieved to become an NFL caliber prospect should be considered. I see it as selfish. I understand it, but I don't like it.

I thought Syracuse would beat WV no matter. This has been an excellent team. The coach has done great, and the deal for SU now might be keeping him. Another perspective has been the great play of QB Dungey who will not be back next year. If Syracuse can have another great year in 2019 without Dungey, they are the real deal.

Purdue beat OHS 49-20. Auburn rolled them 62-14 and could have posted 100.

Florida made a joke out of Michigan. I believed Michigan would win this, but they could not run the ball. Florida has the talent of Michigan or most any team and they are now playing like a team. They will challenge even Georgia for the division in 2019. Michigan got pushed around and out hustled.


The ND coach claims they lost due to Clemson being "opportunistic", a big word for "lucky". He believes they could have won, should have won, and would if played again today. Maybe, but I saw a different game.

If you get an early field goal and then don't score again the rest of the game, being unlucky is not the problem. The problem is the Leprechauns could not deal with the Power Rangers.

All season ND had not allowed long gains (only 2). Kelly sees it as a fluke that the Tigers got off a few even though even I, a fan, predicted that.
ND defense did a good job on the Clemson run game for just 211, but Travis did break for a 62 yard score Coach Kelly saw as a fluke, even though Travis does things like that every week.

The ND plan was to fluster the freshman QB and take him out of the game. ND did good, but the 18 year old did not fluster. Instead he went for 327 yards and 3 TDs.

With Big Dex not playing, the ND "O" line ganged up on Wilkins and Ferrell. The Power Rangers were not in the back field as much, but still held the line and shut down the ND run game. Most don't seem to know, but there are 5 Power Rangers with Huggins being the 5th. The "D" line was too much for ND, no luck involved.

" if we play the way we have been all year, it would be different," QB Book said.
He fails to consider why they played different as if the Tigers were not in the equasion.

I was tired and decided to watch the 2nd half of the Orange Bowl this morning. It appeared early on Alabama defense was too much for Oklahoma who does not play against much defense in the Big 12.
Oklahoma kept fighting and actually got (almost) back in the game. Their QB Murray threw maybe the best pass I have ever seen for one score. After a poor start, the Okie "O" line was a match for the Bama "D" line. If Oklahoma had even a little defense, this could have been a tight game.

What I saw was the two best QBs in CFB. These guys are great. Maybe not the best NFL QB prospects, but certainly the best in CFB. Their confidence and ability is off the chart. The next guys on this list are too far down to consider on the list.

Alabama is once again Alabama, but this year has an offense like never before. Oklahoma had no chance, but I was impressed to see them fight hard and never give in.