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^ Is Clemson's reaction after the NCAA took away their PED's "edge" players?
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Since these guys were given an unfair advantage using the drug ostarine this year should Clemson’s season be considered tainted?

Since three players were caught using the same drug should we suspect that the coaches knew?
Or even were in on it?

How many players on the team did this drug but were not caught?
Ed, we have a long history of fun/vicious attacks on each other. I enjoy that as do you.
Don't cross the line on this as I see no fun in attacking the innocent.
Ed, all your life you have been making things better for all by creating.
All my working life was about protecting guys who needed help against thugs.

Dexter is innocent. Dabo is innocent.
If a drug was found (which seems to be the case), these guys had zero hand in it.
The best description is this is a mystery to all involved.
Sure, kids do crap, end up in jail, or WTF, but this is not that.
I take attacks on the innocent to heart. If you and Robert want to attack me - good fun. I enjoy that.
Cross the line on this, and I can't recover. It means that much to me.


Clemson DT Dexter Lawrence needs no drugs. His problem is not growing but dropping a pound.
"I'm not the type of guy to do a selfish act like that. I have too much pride. I love this team and my family too much to put a substance like that in my body. I don't know where it came from. I don't know how it got there. I was raised different. If I did do it, I'd own up to it. All I can say is I honestly don't know what happened, where it came from."

“I was looking at my phone like, ‘are you crazy! What is wrong with you to be joking about something like that?’ Then he told me I tested positive for something I have never heard of before,”
"I was raised different. If I did do it, I’d own up to it."

I believe him and will defend him -- if necessary. I don't believe my friends will require that of me.

Ed if you lived up the street, and like me and could keep up all year with this program, you would not have posted that.
The big slam on Dabo's Tigers is that he has a "Christian staff and Christian players. All may not be as Christian as Dabo (like me), but all know the team is first about values, then football. Dex is not a cheater or a thug, more like a teddy bear. He is a 6-foot-5, 350-pound defensive tackle. He lives with the other Power Rangers and follows Christian Wilkins like a puppy.
He is a great example of a Clemson Tiger. Clemson is a perfect fit for him. He would be out of place at many colleges as he is a gentle giant. If he did a wrong, he would own up.
Coach Dabo Swinney is positive Dex had no hand in this. Any one who knows Dabo or his program knows that to be true.

Lawrence said he was given a choice to appear at media today, and he elected to face the throng of reporters in support of his teammates.
"All of us had a choice," Lawrence said. "I wanted to come because I consider myself a leader and I wanted the guys to know that I’ve got their back just like they’ve got mine.

"I’ve got me a little whistle at practice now," Lawrence said. "I’m making them hustle. I’m running right behind them trying to keep the energy up, keep the savviness up and keep the focus up in the meeting room.

I am AgentOrange, and I 100% am positive Dex to be 100% innocent of taking any drug, and not just because he has no need of it. He is a consensus first round NFL pick, and in a couple weeks can be a multi-million guy if he goes pro. Unlike many first round college athletes sitting out post season to avoid injury, DEX wants to play with his friends.

Coach Dabo:
I don’t know how — if it even is in their system — how it got there. But I do know that these three young men have not intentionally done anything. And there’s, again, plenty of precedent where the same thing has happened across the country with other people. So, you know, there’s a process in place. And we’ll work through that.
They’re three special young people. And, again, I know they’ve not intentionally done anything. And, again, this is a hair of a trace of whatever this substance is.


I hate this for Dexter and the other guys. They do not deserve this. This is an abuse of drug testing as the trace could be from anything. You might have some in you. Zero unfair advantage is not there. Most have no idea how PEDs benefit or how to use them.
These three guys are among 40 aro und the USA who tested positive for this now. The others are not starters or famous like DEX, so he is on the media front line. Like most top programs, Clemson players are tested each month.

Dex is very important to the Tigers for the game against ND. He is dominate. He is also a leader. There is no DT in the country who plays like him. His stats are deceptive, but teams understand this is the man. He crushes the "O" pocket defenders. Then the other Power Rangers (his room mates) rush in to feed and get all the glory.
All Tiger fans do understand Dex. The game will be less for us without him even if it is 100-0.

With DEX the Tigers will beat ND. With out him the Tigers will beat ND. The Power Ranger Four are often on the bench this season as they are not needed. The guys next up are experienced and capable. No one is DEX, but don't expect the ND "O" line to take control for 4 quarters. It will be a good game, but the Tiger team is much more than Dex.
The deal is he has worked hard and deserves to play.

If my boy were alive, would be happy if Dex was a guy he liked. I don't mean as to sports but as to character.

Post here soon and often if you disagree with anything I have posted.