I was an 11th grader and several of us guys decided to go to the Clemson-Georgia game at Clemson. Back then we could get in very cheap on high school student tickets. This game was a defensive battle but I don't remember much about it except for half-time. It was a warm day and some dark clouds came in just before the half. Then just after the teams had gone in for halftime it started to rain a little but was getting very dark and a buddy I said we were headed to the concession stands which were covered. Another buddy said "I am not leaving this seat come hell or high water!" As we started scurrying up the stands the rain turned into a terrific hail storm. We grabbed some programs and held them over our heads as we ran and it felt like the hail was going to break my fingers as I held the program to protect my head. Just before we made it up to the concessions, our brave buddy that was not going to leave his seat passed us. After the storm passed, the field was completely white with hailstones. The coaches agreed to postpone the start of the second half for 30 minutes while the grounds people cleaned off the field as much as possible. It was one of those experiences that you never forget!

Today as I was thinking about that game, I could not remember who won the game, so, I found it in the archives. The game was in 1963 and the final score was 7-7.