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Thread: GA Tech's Paul Johnson retires

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    GA Tech's Paul Johnson retires

    Please remember all of the orthopedic surgeons who will be put out of business!

    Some of you will get this.

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    I hope GT moves on from the style for the reasons you posted. No one wants to play them, and that is not a style for the success they could have.

    GT has money and big time college football is a postive in every way for a school including more money.
    Teams in a Power Five get paid well already as their "split". Many colleges are happy with loosing and being paid to do so.

    GT is unique in that they are in Atlanta. Many great players are 30 minutes away. GT is in the middle of maybe the best recruiting area in CFB. If they invested, could rival any team as to talent.

    If they choose to do that, must update facilities and bring in coach who can do a make over on the team. That would take time. Right now half the team is fullbacks.
    Unlike for most schools, the talent is nearby and going to other places like Georgia, Clemson, etc.

    I am curious as to what they do.

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