Georgia is the standard for Power Five teams running the ball.
They are currently ranked #10. Actually they are #2.
Take out the triple option teams who can't compete at this level and Oklahoma where teams play no defense.
That means Georgia is #2 behind only Wisconsin who has Taylor. If Gerogia had to rely on the running game they would be #1. As they have great QB play second to none, they balance. The two skills rely on each other to make it easier for each to excell.

I said months before the season started the Tigers would run the ball. How have they done now that regular season is over?
They are #11 (or #3) just behind Georgia.
Georgia has run 498 times, Clemson 465. Georgia has 3118 yards and Clemson has 3076. Georgia averages 6.3 ypc and Clemson 6.6.

Stats don't win games, points do. Georgia has 29 rushing Touch Downs and Clemson has 42. The only college with more is GT with 45 as they run the triple option.

From May 14th
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Running Back
CLEMSON will be able to run the ball this year. I guarantee that.
This year makes me think on the years of Davis-Spiller as stopping the longer runs will be more difficult for opponents.
Clemson uses 3 RBs and all have had an excellent year. The Senior Adam Choice had 3 TDs last week. Soph Travis Etienne has 1307 yards. My favorite guy Feaster is becoming a force. The fun thing is the smaller freshman Dixon who does mop up duty in the last minutes of a game has become a star.

In the deep South teams run the ball.