I am not a fan of Duke.
I do kinda admire their coach (not the cheating basketball one).

This is a good Duke team. They have a very good coach.
They of course arrive at Death Valley as an underdog.
The Blue Devils have won all four games as an underdog this season - and by an average of 12.3 points per all in road match ups. They have some great wins this season and no bad losses. They look to end up with 8 or 9 wins which for Duke is jaw dropping.

ESPN efficiency rank for Duke is -- Offense 37. Defense 40. Special teams 36.
Their schedule has been harder than Alabama's.
They have a very good senior QB who will be drafted.

This is a night game and unlike Duke, the Tigers do have an advantage on home games.
I suppose DUKE will do OK passing, but I don't suppose they will be able to run on the Power Rangers.
The deal will be to pass quickly as the TIGERS will be coming - quickly. The Duke "O" line will be stressed.

At the start of the season the TIGER weak point was seen to be the young secondary, but they have excelled, not weak at all.

I don't see Duke coming in Saturday night and taking over the house.