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Thread: CLEMSON @ Boston College

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    CLEMSON @ Boston College

    I watched a million games yesterday.
    By far the best for me was Clemson-Lou. I really, really enjoy Clemson games when they get it rolled up early. Otherwise I am a mess and have to walk around the room as I watch to release stress.

    In other games, I prefer competition. That was often hard to find yesterday.
    The favorites mostly rolled after a quarter. Even when the score was not showing it, on field play was.
    The Boston-Virginia Tech game was good (sorry Steve, I too was pulling for VT). I believed again that Bud Foster would be the man, but I am beginning to wonder if he should not have retired with Coach Beamer.

    BC is a smash-mouth team that plays hard. That can wear you down.
    VT can beat most teams.
    Yesterday the BC QB did good with 15/26 averaging 6.8 and no interceptions.
    Rushing was 49 for a 4.5 average and was solid.
    Their hard nosed "D" was the difference. About 25 guys played and recorded tackles, so they are deep.

    Their coach is Steve Addazio who looks tough and is. He learned under Urban Meyer and is a solid coach. He looks like a tough SOB you would not want to meet in an alley fight. His team plays like that. I am a fan of the guy.
    Steve Addazio.jpg

    They are 4-1, and beating Clemson would put them into the ACC Championship game and most likely make them ACC Champs as the other division is crap this season. They know that and will be bringing their best effort.

    The history is Clemson up 16-9-2 which is just "fun" as those past teams will not be playing. BC is one of the few with a National Championship. Under Coach Addazio they are definitely on the rise for another.

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    So how will this game go?
    I have no idea as I go with the ESPN talking heads and they have yet to speak.

    Yesterday against Louisville who is now 0-6, Clemson freshman QB Lawrence was 8/12 and 59 yards with one interception.
    That would indicate Clemson cannot pass and making the trip to Boston is time and money wasted.
    I think the Tigers will get on the bus for the trip.

    VT passed for 281 and rushed for 111 against BC.
    I believe BC is not stupid and is wary of the Tiger passing game.
    Tiger QB Lawrence was not relevant or needed yesterday. If an opponent lets you run, you run.
    On a fun note, my boy Chase Brice in with the scout team was 6/7 for 110 and 3 TDs.

    BC is big, strong and "tough".
    Our "D" line is going out to Halloween parties in tights (Big Dex in pink played halfback for a TD yesterday after whining to the coaches all week after Wilkins was allowed the ball and scored).
    How tough can they be? Will the "Power Rangers" back off when they get hit in the mouth? Are they just laid back Southern boys who lack that Northern big city toughness?
    Stay tuned!


    Can the tigers run on BC?

    This past week my favorite running back Feaster finally broke one. I keep saying he is one to fear because it is true. He has talent. If he is now getting to all cylinders, good deal. As a Jr, he will be back next year.
    He has power at 220 and actually more speed than anyone.

    Etienne started to take over last year as a freshman and in 2018 is at a 1000 yards on few carries averaging 8.6. He will be back 2 more years. On a normal team he would have 2000 yards now.

    Adam Choice is the solid senior who also teaches the RBs. He could start on any team. At 5'8 and 210 he is a wrecking ball. He lacks the speed of the two above, but is speedy. His job is not to break for 90yards bur bust for one. So how is the leader of the RBs doing? We just need one yard from him, and his average is 7.9.

    Dixon is a small freshman at 175 who gets in on mop up duty with the scout team. On just 45 carries is averaging 11.1 with 457 yds and 4 TDs. Next season he will be at least 190 and growing.

    Can BC stop this running attack? If they go "all out" to do that and pack the box, many teams with a solid defense can slow it. That means the poorly rated Tiger passing game must attack. So far the plan in every game has been to "rattle the freshman". So far "no rattles".

    Will BC stop the pass or stop the run. Do they have the talent to stop both?
    Stay tuned as Vegas will post soon.

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    The opening line is Clemson (-17.5) I think Clemson will cover that easily.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tony Presley View Post
    The opening line is Clemson (-17.5) I think Clemson will cover that easily.
    As a "homer" very nervous.
    Early in the season no teams are teams.

    Now some are solid teams. In the ACC BC is one as is Pitt.
    It is not rational for me to believe BC (or even Georgia) can take down the Tigers now. Early on it was a toss up, but after 10 weeks teams have improved to potential or not.

    Tigers have not yet reached potential. One could say they are just now even looking for that. There was much controversy due to the QB competition, but all players are now on the same page. It would be great if the experiencd QB guy was here, but in college you go with the flow of get "flowed" (I just made that up). The Tigers have few injuries to date which is huge for all teams. In fact as Dabo plays a hundred players in a game even in the first quarter, most are fresh.

    BC posts daily how tough they have played and how tough they will be for this game. I believe them. They have heart and confidence. I believe they could knock off a rival like ND this week.
    I don't think being a "bully" or a "tough guy" will make the Tigers run.

    The big deal is the Tiger "D" line. I understand all experts claim Michigan and Alabama and etc are better - maybe. This week BC just has to deal with our guys, not those superstars.
    I know their "O" line is "smash mouth tough" and has the confidence to take the silly Power Rangers out of the game but ~~ >> raise your hand if you believe they can.
    To win they MUST run the ball. To do that they must go over Christian and Dex.

    Coach Addizio says his team will not show up different this week but will win with what they do. I like this guy. He is a rising star. I hope BC will match offers he will be be getting to leave. BC looks to be a 10 win team this year.

    Here is the deal as I see it.

    -- BC will fight hard and all of us will be proud.

    -- The BC "O" line will wilt. The Power Rangers are just fun. Every down guys not "them" will will appear intent on being noticed. They will go lights out proud to be in the game. They have the talent and coaching to do that. When things get to "crunch" the PRs will take the field.

    -- The BC "D" is very tough guys but is that enough? The Tiger "O" line is not a bunch of incompetent sissies. I don't believe any Tigers will be over matched or afraid to line up. BC must double team. That leaves something open. Do you stop the pass or the run? I don't know. Alabama knew LSU could not pass. Does BC think Clemson cannot?

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