CLEMSON has them, but no one believes it.
The Tigers all adjust as to a game. All kids want great stats, and to impress the 'Home Coming Queen, but know NFK scouts see beyond that. Back in the day RB and the NFL were different than now. RB is a much more difficult job and much more is required like pass catching. No RB can now play if he can not block and defend the QB. In the olden days of Unitas, huge Full backs did that.

There is not an order at Clemson as they are used depending on the situation.

The one I pull for most is Tavien Feaster. In every way he is a star, just not yet hooked in. He is very fast and big at 215. At some point, he will have a point where health and all that crap align.

- Adam Choice is a senior who was the starter ahead of Gallman until injured. It is hard to play RB and not be injured. Choice is the strongest of the backs and the leader. He is not as fast, but strong an understands the game. He is now also a coach. You can count on him to deliver on any play.

- Travis Etienne showed up and seems to be step above the others right now.
Kids from Louisiana don't make it to Clemson. I guess as he had few stars by his name, local colleges did not want him. We did. I am not sure how he became a star, it was him being consistent. Stop him if you can. I believe he might become a "Gallman".

- Lyn-J Dixon is a freshman but in spite of talent already here can not be redshirted. We don't need him this year, but he don't care. He gets in on "mop up" duty and is amazing. He is a future star.

-- Darien Rencher grew up a few miles from the stadium. He is 5'8 and can carry the ball. There is no drop off when he gets into the game.

-- Christian Wilkins claims to be the 6th string RB and to-date has just one carry, but it was a TD. Make no mistake, if Clemson posted "buy a ticket as this week we are letting Christian run the ball", tickets would be at a premium. The place is already sold out at 82000 but parking lot prices would boom. CW is a fan favorite. This week 100% of network TV are showing him on every recap.

I keep saying Clemson can and will run the ball.
I know it does not seem like that as to stats, but it is true in every game. Teams that seek to limit that do it at peril. If the running game was not strong, they could go to stopping the passing game, but they don't.
These RBs come and accomplish the mission needed on "that" down. They have different talents to contribute. Ego is not a problem. It is not a goal to get a guy a hundred yards every game or any game.

This team is not about "stars" but all players on the page to win.
A lot of that is about Senior players like Choice and Wilkins explaining the "Tiger" as no coach can.